Cool Houses with Open Industrial Kitchen Idea

The kitchen is one of the important elements in the home. This really is a food processing space for occupants of the house. Not only does one have that layout, you are able to give a special kitchen concept to your occupancy.

This house can be an example because it’s a cool idea. The Combination of tropical home with an open industrial notion kitchen Creates a residential design that is both eye-catching and comfy

1. House facade really kills the eye. The facade of the first floor is made of river stone whereas the facade of the second floor is made of wood

2. Unique Idea, you have to input from the playground first to get into the house

3. Industrial-themed kitchen located in the corner of the playground, having a Bamboo curtain does not have to worry about splashing water in the rain

4. On a sunny afternoon, you can enjoy lunch in the middle of the park

5. The gray-walled paint with no painted provides an unsightly impression that actually makes the kitchen unique and fresh

6. The integration of iron and wood has successfully strengthened the concept of an industrial kitchen in Damarisa home

7. This opinion of the kitchen at night, may be quite a romantic dinner location

8. Next to the kitchen there is a mini area that can be Utilized as a drying place

9. Adopt new colors for the inside of the home. This green wall paint can be an illustration, mix it with a green carpet that resembles grass

10. Many glass windows and doors can make the house cooler and air circulation smoothly

11. Defined with glass doors can be a Wise way, simply open it, the opinion of the park can be enjoyed from the living room

12. Hand railings made of wood will also strengthen your tropical house concept. Also fill out the walls with leaf wallpaper

13. The second floor Includes two bedrooms and a bath, doors made from Wood successfully increase the degree of coolness in your home

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