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It’s no secret that the environment you’re in may play a major role in how you feel, but did you know it can also make you more effective at work? For real.

As it happens, there are tons of incredibly straightforward and economical decor tricks you’ll be able to incorporate into your office that will cause you to feel energized, inspired and motivated to accept the day, even through the dreaded day slump.

And the beauty of most of these tips is they can be applied to almost any office–big or small, home or off. So, regardless of the inside circumstances you’re working with, try one, all eight of those suggestions to make a happier, healthier and more productive workspace.

1. Maximized Lighting 
Optimizing your light is one of the simplest ways to boost your energy and cut back the eye pressure that comes from trying to read with low light. If you are able, optimize the natural light you’re working as far as possible by using sheer, breezy window remedies rather than opaque and heavy. But even if your control over your normal lighting is restricted, choosing glowing white bulbs will make a big difference in your daily energy reserves.

2. Decluttered Minimalism 
A minimalist aesthetic does more than make your space seem all types of chic and inviting; it also makes it easier to get things done. Clutter around your workplace runs the risk of making you feel overwhelmed and far more stressed than required. Thus, aim to maintain your office easy and clutter-free to get an exhale-inducing vibe every day.

3. Inspiring Colours 
According to science, blue-ish colors stimulate the mind, yellowish hues inspire imagination and green induces feelings of comfort, but of course this can differ from person to person. Identify colors you find personally stimulating and incorporate them wherever you can

4. Invigorating Scents 
The trick to staying stimulated all the live long day is to make sure none of your senses are neglected, so paying mind to the aromas wafting throughout your space. Peppermint is usually utilized to energize and refresh, aiding concentration, while citrusy scents can uplift and de-stress. And if you’re worried you are going to forget to blow out a scented candle, essential oil diffusers are a good –and ultra-safe–way to ensure your scent match is strong.

5. Lively Greenery 
As people, we are natural beings who can seriously suffer if we don’t have sufficient character within our daily. Fortunately, it’s an easy issue to battle. Adding greenery to your own workspace will bring feel-good vibes while massaging your air and it provides more opportunities to personalize and enhance your inside with ornamental baskets and vases.

6. Motivational Messages 
If you are feeling and uninspired, it not only makes it tough to churn out your best work, but in addition, it makes it easy to forget why you are working so difficult to begin with. That’s why adding a couple pieces to showcase your beloved motivational messages are able to make a serious effect on your daily output. And nowadays there are many different typography styles, prints and photos to select from, that you are bound to find the perfect piece (or two) to match your fancy.

7. Practical (And Pretty) Storage 
One of the biggest culprits behind the productivity-zapping chaos that’s a clutter-filled desk is simply not having a proper home for everything on it. Incorporating neat and clean storage boxes to house things such as writing utensils, papers before they’re processed, and miscellaneous office supplies will immediately make your room appear more organized and make it a great deal simpler to keep it like that.

8. Inspiring Vision Board 
A cork board featuring daily to-dos helps on the productivity front, but adding goals for the future in the kind of messages and photos increase its producing power tenfold. Try turning your cork board to a vision board featuring the things you’d most like to accomplish in the near and distant future and watch as your everyday motivation levels grow.

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